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WC 1975 Bermuda

WC 1975 Bermuda

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Author: World Bridge Federation

GC a few minor issues only Nice copy; Author: World Bridge Federation

Once again it came down to a final between Italy and North America, but not before there were accusations of cheating against the new Italian pair of Facchini-Zuchelli. In the final, the North Americans led by 78 during the fourth set but the Italians rallied to trail by only 25 with one set to go. However, once again, the Italians proved too strong - thanks to a grand slam that required exactly a doubleton king of trumps onside.

[TPT "Contract Bridge Team World Championship January 24-February 1975. Brazil, South American Bridge Federation, France, European Bridge League, Indonesia, Far East Bridge Federation, Italy, Defending Champions,  North America, American Contract Bridge League, Southampton Princess Hotel, Southampton, Bermuda."]

[CPT "Contract Bridge Team, World Championship 1974, Municipal Casino, Venice Lido, Italy, May 20-28, 1974, More than 165 selected hands ...including all 96 from the final. Special section 'foot-tapping' controversy."]

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