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A. H. Kling The Ideal Self Teacher- Play of the Hand - 6th Ed. A. H. Kling 1946 6th edition paper 64 pages AU$ 25.00
A. H. Kling The Ideal Self Teacher-Play of the Hand - 18th Ed. A. H. Kling 1946 18th edition paper 64 pages AU$ 18.00
ABTA Handbook on Teaching Techniques paperback p30 AU$ 20.00
Ace High Auction Bridge Simpilfied by "Ace High" Ace High small paper booklet in plastic cover AU$ 20.00
Ace High How to Play Your Cards by "Ace High" Ace High small paper booklet in plastic cover AU$ 20.00
Ackerley, Chris A History of the Otago Bridge Club 1996 soft cover p372 AU$ 75.00
Adams, John Roland Defence at Auction Bridge Year:1930 Pages:140 Format:hc Edition:1 Australian Publisher:Bodley Head, London AU$ 60.00
Alan Sontag Power Precision Sontag, A 1979 Hard cover with dust jaccket pages: 319 AU$ 45.00
Albert Dormer Dormer on Deduction Good condition, paperback AU$ 22.00
Albert H. Morehead Fun with Games of Rummy Soft Cover, 48 pages. AU$ 15.00
Albert H. Morehead Fun with Games of Rummy: 2nd Edition Soft Cover, 48 pages. AU$ 15.00
Alcock, E. S. Solo Whist 1955 p160 Hard cover AU$ 20.00
Allen, David The Phoney Club: The Cleveland Club System Year:1992 Pages:125 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Hale, London AU$ 20.00
American Contract Bridge League Handbook of the Third World Bridge Team Olympiad 1968, 192 pages AU$ 60.00
Amsbury, Joe Bridge: Bidding Naturally Year:1979 Pages:152 Format:hbj Edition: Publisher:Batsford, London AU$ 14.00
Andersen, R The Lebensohl Convention Complete Author: Andersen, R. Date:1987 Pages:107 AU$ 14.00
Anderson, J Hands On: Weak Two-Bids Paperback, spiral bound, 2007. AU$ 20.00
Andrew Kambites Duplicate Pairs For You Published 1991, Hardcover, 144 pages AU$ 20.00
Annie Blanche Shelby Bridge Abridged Shelby, A. B. 1906 hard cover pages: 225 AU$ 35.00
Anonymous Stories of Australian Animals Jaydee Publications Year: 1930 AU$ 30.00
Anthony, E How To Win At Auction Bridge 1919, 202 pages, hard cover with jacket. AU$ 20.00
Antoff, Theo TANC Bidding The Offensive Author: Antoff, Theo Date:2000 Pages:351 AU$ 22.00
Archbishop Fenelon Letters to Women Small book, good condition, hardcover, 1900, 311 pages. AU$ 40.00
Arnold, P The Complete Book of Card Games Hardcover with dust jacket, 1989, 256 pages. AU$ 35.00
August, W Light up your Understanding of Bidding Author: August, W Date:1995 Pages:248 AU$ 30.00
Austin, WB Welcome to Bridge Author: Austin, WB Date:1977 Pages:94 AU$ 20.00
B. H. Friedman Yarborough Hard cover with dust jacket. 1964, pages: 374 AU$ 45.00
Badsworth Auction Bridge and Royal Auction 1913 p304 Hardcover AU$ 30.00
Baikie, K Lazy Man`s Guide to Better Bridge Author: Baikie, K AU$ 15.00
Balfour, S Vulnerable in Hearts Author: Balfour, S Date:2005 Pages:208 AU$ 35.00
Baron, Leo & Meredith, Adam Contract Bridge: The Baron System Outlined Author: Baron & Meredith 1946 30 pages some wear and tear AU$ 25.00
Baron, Randy A Guide to Declarer Play/ How to Make a Plan Year:2007 Pages: 100 Format:Flipper Edition: 1 AU$ 15.00
Barton, F. P. Contract Bridge for Beginners Only (6th Ed.) Barton, F. P. 1946 hardcover 75 pages AU$ 12.00
Bascule (E H Maxwell) Advanced Auction Bridge Year:1924 Pages:271 Format:hb AU$ 30.00
Bascule (E H Maxwell) Royal Auction Bridge Year:1916 Pages:184 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Longmans Green, London AU$ 30.00
Bascule (E H Maxwell) Royal Spades Auction Bridge Author: Bascule (E H Maxwell) Date:1913 Pages:192 AU$ 30.00
Bayone, J It's Bridge, Baby Author: Bayone, J Date:1998 Pages:349 AU$ 45.00
Beachcroft, Charles Porten Auction Bridge Nuts, Cracked and Uncracked Year:1927 Pages:296 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Hutchinson, London AU$ 40.00
Beasley, Capt. H. M. London Bridge and How it is Played Beasley, Capt. H. M. 1905 Hard cover pages: 132 AU$ 35.00
Beasley, Henry Mountifort (Pops) Responses to Opening Bids Year:1934 Pages:32 Format:pbkj Edition:1 Publisher:Methuen, London AU$ 25.00
Beasley, Henry Mountifort (Pops) Simple Contract: The Beasley System Revised Year:1938 Pages:99 Format:hbj Edition:1 Publisher:Mudie & Sons, London AU$ 30.00
Becker M., Ginsberg M., Granovetter M., & Rubin R. The Ultimate Club 1981 AU$ 45.00
Bellanger, P, Albarran, P, Adrien, A, & Venizelos, S Bridge Les 102 Donnes D'un Grand Match Preface by Ely Culbertson Soft cover looks like 1st edition 1933 188 pages AU$ 100.00
Ben Cohen. Rhoda Barrow Conventions Made Clear Published 1966, Hardcover, 133 pages AU$ 10.00
Benham, W Playing Cards - The History & Secrets of the Pack Hardcover, no dust jacket, 1957, 196 pages. AU$ 45.00
Bergen, M Better Bidding Judgement Author: Bergen, M. Date:2002 Condition: Second Hand AU$ 12.00
Bergen, M Better Bidding with Bergen Volume 1 Uncontested Auctions Author: Bergen, M Date:2006 Pages:199 AU$ 30.00
Bergen, M Better Bidding with Bergen Volume 2 Competitive Bidding, Fit Bid Author: Bergen, M Date:2006 Pages:149 AU$ 30.00
Bergen, M Marty Sez Author: Bergen, M Date:2001 Pages:160 AU$ 22.00
Bergen, M Marty Sez . . .Volume 2 Author: Bergen, M Date:2002 Pages:184 AU$ 29.95

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Battling the Best

Battling the Best
Hans, Sartaj
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Twelve Important Bridge Lessons: Defense

Twelve Important Bridge Lessons: Defense
Bird, D
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Sublime Declarer Play: After the Contested Auction

Sublime Declarer Play: After the Contested Auction
Smith, N
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